Our solutions

ABOMIS solutions automate flight management processes, boosting productivity while ensuring adherence to the highest standards of safety and security


ABOMIS Departure Control System

ABOMIS Departure Control System (ABOMIS DCS) is designed to help you provide excellent passenger service, optimize staff productivity, and support smooth aircraft departure operations. ABOMIS DCS will help you to offer the best experience to your passengers, make the departure process as easy and effortless as possible for your staff, and streamline your airport operations. It is a feature-rich DCS powered by cloud based applications that can be customized and configured for your needs…


ABOMIS Weight & Balance

ABOMIS Weight & Balance can improve the efficiency of aircraft ground handling with optimal load plans, as well as enhancing flight operation by providing the most accurate trim settings for a safe and efficient flight envelope and for fuel savings. As a fast, intuitive, modular solution, ABOMIS Load Control enables system users to complete the loading tasks according to all safety regulations. ABOMIS Weight & Balance automatically takes available data from passenger boarding (DCS) and can take cargo loading data, and fueling information to calculate Centre of Gravity in the envelope…


ABOMIS Baggage Reconciliation System

The annual cost of baggage claims and departure delays are significant for all operators. ABOMIS Baggage Reconciliation System can reduce operating costs by streamlining the baggage handling process and optimizing baggage handling resources. Compliant with IATA Resolution 753, ABOMIS BRS is a mobile baggage reconciliation system suitable for any airport. With the ABOMIS Baggage Reconciliation System, airline and airport authorities can manage and track passengers’ baggage journey in real-time. ABOMIS BRS ensures that no missorted baggage is loaded onto an airplane.


ABOMIS Turnaround Management

ABOMIS Turnaround Management is a management and tracking solution that can make the difference to airline profitability. Delays, fines, extravagant parking fees, poor aircraft utilization and passenger dissatisfaction can be caused by failure to manage aircraft turnaround. In some cases, the airline reputation is at stake. ABOMIS Turnaround Management helps cost sensitive airlines to plan optimal turnaround operations, and then provides the management tools to implement efficiencies and handle exceptions. As a cost reduction solution, ABOMIS Turnaround Management is designed to reduce the ground time of the aircraft and permit improved asset utilization. ABOMIS Turnaround Management allows airlines’ decision-makers to make decision about planning the turnaround time and then gives front line manager the tools to operate while minimizing cost and improving efficiencies…