Weight and Balance

Optimized load allocation with considerable cost reduction by Abomis Load Control system

ABOMIS Weight and Balance (ABWB)

ABOMIS Weight & Balance can significantly enhance the efficiency of aircraft ground handling, as well as the efficiency of overall flight operation (by providing fuel savings). As a smart and rapid module solution, abomis load control enables system users to complete the required tasks smoothly without compromising safety regulations.


  • User-friendly solution for the complex task of flight management and sophisticated calculations required for it.
  • Optimized load allocation with considerable fuel cost reduction.
  • Integrates and automates most of load control decisions, allowing for safe and simultaneous handling of multiple flights through a single, intuitive, and graphical interface
  • More efficient use of load controller’s time resources by removing the need for switching between different systems and writing manual load sheets (instead, load controllers will be able to use tablets to access data through dedicated HTML interfaces and to communicate in real time)
  • Allows for quick and easy development of customized flight departure plans using business rules, which will be automatically checked by ABDCS Weight & Balance


  • Calculating Real-time Weight, Index & MAC of ZFW, LAW & TOW
  • Generating an out-of-range alarm for MAC Points
  • Ideal trim line for minimum fuel usage
  • Database section for Airline Basic & Aircraft Basic (AHM560 & AHM565) information
  • Generating IATA Format of LoadSheet.
  • Supporting standard & non-standard fuel
  • Weight & Balance block, Check-in block, Temporary block feature
  • Generating Post departure Messages (LDM, CPM,etc), LIR&NOTOC