Aircraft turnaround management

Acquire real-time visibility on aircraft turnarounds, reduce aircraft turnaround delays,
and get access to your data everywhere at any time by ABOMIS TAM

ABOMIS turnaround management system

The main goal of Abomis turnaround management SaaS solution is to reduce the time that an airplane is on the ground due to the fact that they obtain revenue only when the airplane is in the air. Nowadays, modern airports across the globe function with increasingly integrated IT systems; in this regard, Abomis TAM tries its best to keep the critical turnaround management data accessible at all times. Abomis TAM removes the barriers for airlines and ground handling, and improves turnaround times by helping to complete ramp operations on time and minimizing airplanes’ time on the ground.

Abomis Turnaround Management is a restructuring solution that converts a loss-making airline into a profitable one. Delays, fines, extravagant parking fees, and decreased passenger satisfaction can be caused by failure to manage aircraft turnaround, which can significantly result in harming the reputation of airlines. In this regard, Abomis Turnaround Management helps airlines, specially low-cost ones, to plan optimally for turnaround operations, since every second of an aircraft staying on the ground makes a company lose profit.

Improve aircraft turnaround time by Abomis TAM

As a profitable solution, the purpose of Abomis Turnaround Management is to reduce the ground time of an aircraft and carry out as many flights as possible, which makes assets profitable. Abomis Turnaround Management allows airlines' decision-makers to make a decision about planning the turnaround time with a minimum cost and most efficient way.


  • Easily integrate with airport management systems
  • Cloud-based application: Get access to your data everywhere at any time
  • Flight Gantt Chart with information on services and operations timings and quantities
  • Compliant with the IATA (The International Air Transport Association)’s Simplifying the Business (StB) requirements
  • Monitoring of all turnarounds: Abomis mobile app monitors and manages all turnarounds and appropriate handling conditions


  • Longer lifetime for products
  • Improved stability of all handling processes
  • Rapid detection of potential delays and critical situations
  • Configurable SLAs with live feedback to mobile applications
  • Fast and easy training with user friendly and intuitive interface
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