Local Departure Control System

ABOMIS Local DCS is a modern, simple to use, and user-friendly passenger processing system for management of passenger flow from check-in to the boarding gate.


What does a Local departure control system do?

Local departure control system (LDCS) is a standalone and cost-effective solution for passenger processing operations at airports which can be implemented locally without any need for expensive in-house equipment. Local DCS can perform passenger check-in, passenger boarding and baggage check-in processes efficiently. This system is also capable of sending and receiving IATA messages such as PNL and ADL.

Taking into account the small fleet size, temporary flights and irregular operations, small-scale airlines and ground handlers such as low-cost airlines, seasonal point to point carriers, regularly scheduled charters prefer using a reliable low-cost Local DCS over expensive hosted DCS solutions. Without Local DCS, they need to spend a great deal of time and money on implementing a proprietary DCS or a standard IATA DCS application that has a time-consuming and complex certification procedure. In such cases, passengers’ departure operations can be done manually and they do not have to meet International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards. 

For ground handlers, Local DCS could be an external source of income as they can sell multiple services features through Local DCS to their airline customers. The amount of revenue ground handlers can generate in this way could easily goes beyond the costs of acquiring the Local DCS and Departure Control System.

As effective and competitive as its rivals, ABOMIS Local Departure Control System delivers the industry’s most cost-effective and flexible check-in and boarding solution for small-scale airlines and any aviation business that intend to reduce their passenger processing cost and time. ABOMIS Local DCS enables smoother operations without sacrificing necessary capabilities and features. The authorized staff has real-time full access to the latest baggage and passenger data through our centralized data system with the least effort. ABOMIS Local DCS is supported in a non-public environment as well. This system can operate even with unsatble Internet connection. Meanwhile, our system includes an integrated Weight and Balance solution which can eliminate our customers demand for a third-party load control solution.

Local DCS provided by ABOMIS can be paired with CUTE (e.g., SITA, Arinc, RESA, etc.) and IATA standard CUPPS platform or deployed as a standalone application. It also guarantees top performance functionality according to an airport’s passenger processing strategy.


  • Web Based Application
  • IATA Standard Messages
  • Go Show/No Show Reports
  • Group Passenger Feature
  • Cloud Based Data Storage
  • Baggage Reconciliation System
  • Integrated Weight and Balance
  • Minimum Connectivity Requirements
  • Integration with non-common-use systems
  • Boarding Control and Reconciliation
  • Mobile Application for Supervisor and Management
  • Excess baggage, weight limits, restrictions conditions
  • Seat Condition Restrictions, Exit Row, Infant &Bulkhead
  • Supervisory/Management Reports and Displays, Online/Offline
  • Agent Qualification Restrictions by Signing Code or User Group
  • Aircraft Database, Configurable for all Types and Configurations