Flight Information Display System

ABOMIS FIDS is a user-friendly, expandable and robust system that
delivers the information travelers need for a pleasant and stress-free journey.


It is an essential and complicated task to deliver flight information including air traffic (departure, arrivals), passenger traffic (gate, check-in) and incoming baggage schedule to passengers, airport staff and airport visitors. Using a well-designed system to communicate with passengers helps them proceed to their destinations promptly and optimally and contributes to a more efficient facility that increases travelers' satisfaction. Abomis provides Flight Information Display System (FIDS) to ensure fulfilling the passengers' need for real-time information in order to have a stress-free and pleasant flight.

From a pure display of passenger information to complex advertisement displays a broad range of different functions is needed. In this regard, large and small airports have various requirements so adaptable and scalable solutions are needed to meet any individual demand. To do so we offer the highly flexible Abomis FIDS.

ABOMIS FIDS module is made of two parts: the control section that sets the information out to be displayed on the screens and the screens to display the information. Abomis FIDS is a user-friendly, web-based and state-of-the-art system that ensures all passengers be well informed about the relevant information promptly in the right place, supporting multilingual display technology.

ABOMIS FIDS displays airlines, departures, arrivals, flight time, flight number, flight status, and the gate, powered by real-time data from either your AODB or FIDS workstations.


  • scalable, state-of-the-art system with multi-lingual display technology.
  • automatically processes flight, delay, and boarding information as well as gate and baggage belt assignments.
  • increases travelers' satisfaction by contributing to a more efficient facility.
  • ensures all passengers be well-informed about the flight information.