ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Application

The priority of ABOMIS Damaged Baggage is to optimize damaged baggage reporting and improve passenger satisfaction

ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Application

ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Application

Reporting and managing the damage of passengers’ luggage is available during flights to users of the ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Application. This application enables airline authorities to make a report of passengers’ claim at the airport. Inspection of the baggage is possible in case of providing compensation via the ABOMIS application.

In some circumstances. the agent assessing damage and offering compensation is in a different organization (airline or ground handler) and a different city and country than the actual company having to pay the compensation (the boarding handler or the transporting airline), making consistent decisions difficult without the ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Handling application.

When the passenger requests compensation, the agent could scan the barcode of the baggage tag and compare it with the image that was taken during the check in process to verify the level of damage, and thus provide the appropriate compensation.

ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Application

Damaged Baggage Claim

ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Application will help you to handle your passengers’ damaged baggage claim smoothly and simply.


  • ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Application is fully compatible with Android and iOS
  • By using the ABOMIS Application, you can report damaged baggage to the airport Baggage Service Office
  • Retrieving information of damaged baggage is available in ABOMIS Application by scanning passengers’ boarding pass barcode
  • You can easily fill-out a damage claim form or Property Irregularity Report with baggage picture by using ABOMIS Application
  • Filling out a damage claim form or Property Irregularity Report with baggage picture is available for users of ABOMIS Damaged Baggage Application

With ABOMIS, airlines and airports can improve their customer service

ABOMIS damaged baggage application is developed to build a trust based relationship with your customer. Your Passengers will not be worried about their damaged baggage claim anymore. This application will eliminate fraudulent claims and expedite valid settlements.