What is Common-use self-service (CUSS) and how is it different from CUTE?

International Air Transport Association (IATA) introduced the common use standards for shared equipment to reduce implementation and support costs and provide smooth management of airport space, resources, systems and their respective operations for airlines, airports, and ground handlers.

Initially, IATA introduced Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) back in 1980s to facilitate using the shared airport facilities including check-in desks, and associated peripherals required by airlines to perform their passenger handling operations. With the advancement of technology and popularity of self-service solutions, IATA developed Common Use Self Service (CUSS) to facilitate self-service check-in at airports. IATA describes Common Use Self Service (CUSS) as a shared kiosk offering airport check-in to passengers without the need for ground staff and can be used by several participating airlines.

CUSS (Common Use Self Service) and CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) are of paramount significance for aviation industry because they bring great efficiency for both passengers and airport operators as the space previously taken by single airlines can be available for multiple airlines and their passengers.

Beside the efficiency brought by saving space at airports, Implementing CUTE and CUSS aids airport authorities to optimize assets, provide better flexibility, reduce processing time, prevent crowdedness, smooth passenger flow, and consequently increase passenger experience. Once the stakeholders reach the agreement to implement common use strategy, assets can be reorganized to benefit airlines, airports, ground handlers and passengers.

ABOMIS provides the CUSS platform and application for self-service check-in solutions which complies IATA RP 1706 C for CUSS and the latest IATA technical specification. Moreover, our Common Use Self Service (CUSS) supports multiple airline Departure Control Systems (DCS) and common use passenger processing systems (CUPPS) to bring the maximum efficiency and satisfaction for our customers.  

abomis CUSS application