Common Use Passenger Processing Systems


What are the benefits of common use passenger processing systems (CUPPS)?

ABOMIS CUPPS the continual increase in passenger traffic the aviation industry is experiencing, has led to a large variety of passenger reception systems and departure control systems, all of which– despite fundamental differences in the technology used–require the use of shared equipment available at airports. In order to effectively manage time, reduce heavy maintenance costs, maintain the security of workstations and prevent disruption of passenger processing and flight traffic, the use of an integrated system for common use management is inevitable. Abomis CUPPS is a comprehensive, seamless, reliable and stable system for the common use of airport equipment. It will bring you the best user experience of the Common Use Passenger Processing System by providing a secure and user-friendly interface for each workstation, as well as a powerful administrative panel. With its unique architecture and new method of deployment, maintenance, support and updates, Abomis CUPPS drastically reduces the cost of common use at airports.


  • Compliance with the latest CUPPS specification (v.1.03)
  • Centric configuration management through the admin panel
  • Remote administration makes it easy to access any workstation with just a single click.
  • Real-time monitoring of all terminal equipment.
  • Statistical reports for the operation of users, airlines, and workstations.
  • Supporting neighboring and sharing hardware between two or more counters through the admin panel in emergency situations or when one or more hardware is out of service while processing the passengers.
  • Ability to add portable counters using android/IOS smartphones and tablets in high passenger traffic terminal conditions
  • Supporting built-in local/backup DCS solution to continue passenger processing in case of losing access to any DCS’ servers without any wasting time and delay on flights
  • Automatically switch to alternative devices during check-in without any annoying
  • Prevent the execution of non-DCS and not authorized applications on
  • Limiting software access to sensitive parts of the operating system
  • Limiting users’ access to the operating system and network
  • Limitation of user access to hardware settings
  • The ability to control and limit users’ login to the systems during unauthorized hours.
  • The ability to remote access the users’ system directly through the admin panel in case of need for support and training.
  • Ability to define various access levels for each user.
  • Managing all the mentioned items for all airports from the central admin panel.
  • Reduces passenger processing time
  • Integration with existing DCS sending Type B IATA handling messages
  • Also available as a cloud solution – offering quick and efficient use
  • Able to work in disconnected mode
  • User-friendly system


  • Reduce operational costs by sharing all Workstations and their equipment
  • Reduce the risk of workstations equipment failure and delays in flights
  • Provide non-stop flight operation even if the DCS’s server is not accessible
  • Reduce the cost of terminal maintenance and IT supporting
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Reduces passenger processing time