Baggage Reconciliation System

Track and manage the passenger baggage from the check-in point to exit door

ABOMIS Baggage Reconciliation System (ABBRS)

With ABOMIS baggage reconciliation system you can keep track of every movement of every bag and container in your system. By utilizing Abomis BRS, you will know where your bag is at every moment of passenger travels.


  • Matches all bags with boarded passengers
  • Minimizes misdirected baggage and associated rerouting costs
  • Tracks every bag and container
  • Reduces passenger processing time


  • Automated baggage tracking and reconciliation, which helps real-time monitoring of the movement and loading of baggages during departure process
  • Integrates with same barcode system utilized by departure control system (ABDCS) to identify bags and track their movements through airports
  • Delivers IATA reconciliation messages