Asian Ground Handling International Conference

Asian Ground Handling International Conference

GHI had their 14th Asian Conference at Le Meridien Hotel & Conference Centre in Dubai from February 21 to 23, 2023. This location was easily accessible in the Middle East, and the conference had been postponed several times due to Covid-19 since March 2020. The conference aimed to bring together the Asian aviation industry to discuss new business opportunities and focus on digitization, sustainability, skills, and safety for the industry restart after the pandemic. Additionally, key decision-makers from airlines, ground handlers, airports, and suppliers across the Asia-Pacific region participated in premium One-to-One Meetings service

abomis in 14th asian GHI conference

Abomis Innovation participated in this event, and it was a great experience for the company. We had the opportunity to connect with key decision-makers in the Asian aviation industry and learn about new business opportunities, as well as the industry’s focus on digitization, sustainability, skills, and safety. The One-to-One Meetings service was particularly valuable for Abomis Innovation, allowing us to have personalized discussions with potential partners and customers. Overall, the conference was an excellent platform for Abomis Innovation to showcase their solutions and contribute to the industry’s restart after the pandemic.

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