Airport Operational Database

ABOMIS airport operational database is a robust and comprehensive
management system for handling airports operations promptly.

ABOMIS AODB for ground handlers

Air travel is a rapidly-growing industry, which makes airports focus on improving their processes to manage growth. Trustworthy, prompt, accurate and comprehensive data is crucial to airport's operations, and the key to having excellent airport operations is the efficient management of this information which will be fulfilled by an extensive Airport Operational Database (AODB) system.

ABOMIS AODB is an extremely flexible central repository to manage operations and activities in airports. This system integrates into other airport systems, stores and maintains real-time flight data and makes it accessible to other proper users. Abomis AODB is a multi-level application designed using state-of-the-art technologies. Thus it suits small, medium-sized and large airports according to the customer needs.

Accessibility to real-time information

ABOMIS AODB offers a central data resource that has various benefits, including enhancing cost efficiency and performance of airports, improving the accuracy of the information, etc. Abomis AODB system ensures the security and protection of its application by requiring authorization before allowing access to data. As changes are made from a central location and authorized persons, enforcing security measures is easier.

From the moment that the information is entered, it is easily accessible to all parties, which ensures the instant exchange of information between systems. When you use Abomis AODB system, decision-making becomes faster which saves your time by minimizing delays in transmitting the information.

Airport Operational Database


  • Seasonal Scheduling
  • Daily Flight Schedule processing
  • Billing data processing
  • Ground services management
  • Access anywhere at any time via the cloud
  • Manage operations for commercial aviation and general aviation


  • Raises both productivity and cost-efficiency
  • Makes all parties communicate in real-time
  • Prioritizes and calculates data, and gives you the most accurate information available
  • Improve the efficiency of airport operations by enhancing the predictability of events and maximizing the use of resources.