Airport Operational Data Base

Abomis AODB is a smart central airport management powered by Abomis to handle your airport operations

Central Airport Management

The increase in air traffic volume and the accompanying growth in air traffic data and the number of business partners require increasingly complex information management in a timely manner at airports. This new environment has put considerable pressure on airports to use their limited resources more efficiently.

ABOMIS Airport Management is a suite of integrated software applications designed to support and enhance airport operations from landing to take off. Given the dynamic nature of air traffic, a high degree of flexibility is a must for airport’s IT systems. ABOMIS solutions are designed to streamline information flows and enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. This solution gives airports central control over all their operations from service level agreements (SLAs) to passenger communications, generating billing charges, and real-time management of fixed and mobile resources (including staff).

AODB Functions

  • Seasonal Scheduling
  • Daily Flight Schedule processing
  • Billing data processing
  • Taxi control
  • Check in counter control
  • FIDS management

ABOMIS Airport Operational Database (A-AODB) has set new standards in the development of airport management systems:

Central database

As a central database or repository for all operational systems at airport, AODB provides all flight-related data accurately and efficiently in a real-time environment.

Integration and communications platform

Conceived and developed as the core of ABOMIS integrated information systems, AODB operates optimally with our Flight Information Display System (FIDS), Resource Management Display System (RMDS), Resource Management System (RMS), and ABDCS. AODB has also been designed for integration into airport’s existing system architecture, allowing collection and transmission of information, and facilitating connection to external applications and communications services and protocols.

Support of flight schedule processing

AODB Flight Schedule Processing module enables smooth processing of flight schedules and their augmentation with all flight-relevant information. AODB supports all scheduling operational processes ranging from automatic transfer of seasonal flight schedules to processing and provision of billing data.